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Advanced Technology

Take search from days to minutes. Truss applies the latest advances in machine learning and data science to help you focus on the best space.

Narrow the options. Preview spaces online with detailed, professional photography. When you’re ready to see the space, set up a tour in minutes.

Get the best deal. Validate market rates with insider information and easily compare your total costs.

Stay organized. Save searches, negotiate online, digitally sign leases and manage your lease going forward.

Amazing Service

We know the neighborhood. We don’t stop at search. Combined with our advanced technology, our expert brokers know the insider details of your market.

Tour spaces like a rock star. From the moment we pick you up, to the type of coffee you drink, Truss customizes a fantastic tour experience. You get to focus on what’s important to you. Truss will take notes, photos and capture your thoughts on each space.

Level the playing field. You see what brokers and landlords see. Truss ensures your next lease is expertly negotiated.

DIY with an expert by your side. Any questions at any point? Truss is there to support you.

Meet Vera.

Vera is Truss’ advanced Artificial Intelligence. She knows all about commercial real estate, and she’s a great listener. She’s always looking out for you, whether it’s telling you about great new spaces or advising you on the fair market price for the space you’re considering. She’ll even schedule tours of spaces and make sure that there’s a Truss representative on hand to answer any questions.

Why We’re Better

Truss makes leasing space under 10,000 square feet simple and cost effective—in a way that’s never been possible.

Truss for Tenants

  • Search, tour, analyze, negotiate and sign lease documents within a single platform
  • Get access to leasing information typically held only by brokers. Truss is an unbiased, independent platform with superior search analysis
  • Control the pace of your leasing process and save time overall
  • Keep information in one place and your whole team on the same page throughout the entire process
  • Easily track all negotiations and changes until agreement is reached and your lease is signed
  • Leverage our broker experts and support, or brush up on your real estate knowledge with our education resources
  • Ultimately, find and secure the perfect space for your business
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Truss makes finding the perfect space for your business easy and efficient.