5 Ways Truss Makes Leasing Office Space 60% Faster

Get office space you love faster than ever.

A person looking for office space on Truss from a mobile phone

1. Inventory and Pricing

You’ve shopped for a house before. Or a car. Or a toaster. The process has been pretty much the same across the board: search the internet and look at cost and product comparison engines. But doing this for office space would return results with varying pricing structures, and skipping office space that you know is free in a building you want to look at.

Truss changes all that by offering all-in pricing, itemized for common office expenses like taxes and utilities. And, we are using a data-driven strategy to ensure we have all inventory in the market. Answer a few questions and our chatbot, Vera returns results in two minutes flat for the whole market. Without waiting on a broker to return results. You can do it on your own time, while you’re managing your P&L, growth strategy and making sure you have enough La Croix in the office kitchen.

2. The Virtual Tour

You’re there every day, and let’s be honest, office space makes an impact on employee happiness. You want an aesthetically pleasing office space to impress new clients, have plenty of meeting space, and make employees happy. And a view. And easy access to public transportation. The point is, you have a pretty specific list of requirements that will vastly impact the culture at your growing company. But you have. No. Time. To Tour. Enter the Virtual Tour. After you get your listings, you can see a video of the space so you can get a really good idea of the vibe before you set foot in the building. Factor in all that time driving around and you’re saving some serious time.

3. Communication All in One Place

At Truss, we also have brokers that talk to you! Yes, the platform is designed for you to play around with and find listings, but this is an important purchase, critical to your business for the aforementioned reasons. So we have an experienced expert that you can talk to, answer your questions and help you negotiate if you need it. If you don’t want to talk live, you can also communicate with the same person on the site. And all of that communication and documents are saved in one place so you can stay on the same page and easily access the nuances of your search. 

4. Sign Documents Digitally

This is the easy part, right? Yes, there is still paperwork but we make it easy not just by explaining what it means but by securing everything digitally. And that means when it’s time to renew your lease, we’ll notify you in plenty of time before the term expires.

5. Going Digital Saves You Money

Like all brokers, Truss is paid a commission by the landlord on the space you find. We’re a technology company streamlining more labor-intensive processes like search through the data aggregation. This makes the decision that much easier to make, and gets your business in office space you love faster than ever.

No wonder Built in Chicago named us one of the 50 startups to watch in 2018.  But we’re not stopping there. Stay tuned for more innovation. Get started with Truss.