Are Nap Pods a Good Fit for Your Office? 

Sleeping on the job might not be all that bad.

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Twenty years ago, it wasn't uncommon to hear of someone being fired from their workplace for sleeping on the job. Many people, however, have taken some form of a nap in the middle of the workday to help combat fatigue. 

While sleeping on the job has historically been frowned upon, there are many benefits to a midday nap. In fact, many companies are starting to encourage them. Power naps have been shown to boost employee productivity and alertness as well as increase morale. And the emergence of nap pods is making it easier than ever for employers to harness these benefits.

So, What are Nap Pods?

A nap pod is a self-contained sleep pod used for napping. These special chairs have a retractable visor or door that blocks out light and gives the user some privacy. They typically include a timer and built-in speakers to play relaxing music or white noise.

Nap pods are a relatively new office trend, but innovative companies like Google, Facebook and even NASA have offered nap amenities for some time. They are also an increasingly popular amenity in airports and on college campuses.

Ranging from $4,500 to $16,000, nap pods can be an expensive purchase for many businesses but continue to grow in popularity. Companies are choosing to invest in nap pods as an attractive employee perk, helping employees get some extra rest during the day for an added energy boost. 

As much as we would all love some of these in our office, it's best to determine if nap pods are a good fit for your company before splurging to purchase one. Otherwise, it could end up being a very expensive coat rack.

Who Are Office Nap Pods For?

Office nap pods can be used by many different companies and work environments. There are numerous makes and models to match your workplace. Nap pods can be especially beneficial for companies with tight deadlines and long or unusual working hours. The pods are large and tend to work best in areas with low foot traffic for additional privacy and comfort. Some companies even choose to have a separate dedicated room for nap pods.

For businesses looking to boost employee recruitment and retention, nap pods are an attractive company perk.

When are Nap Pods Not a Good Fit?

Everyone can certainly benefit from some additional nap time during the day, but you will need to consider your budget, office layout and culture to determine if nap pods are a good fit for your company.

First, think about your budget. Nap pods are still considered somewhat of a luxury perk. A company that is struggling to provide other basic amenities or benefits may face backlash for the purchase. Then, determine if you have enough space to accommodate them. Nap pods should be placed in a quiet and secluded area to optimize comfort. 

How Would a Company Use Them Properly?

Nap pods present some unique logistical challenges. For one, not everyone can take a nap at the same time. To better utilize these pods, consider designated break times or allowing each employee one additional break to use at their discretion during the day. Most nap pods have timers that can be automatically programmed in 10- or 20-minute intervals. You’ll also want to make sure your team feels encouraged to take advantage of the pods without pressure or judgment.  

Should You Consider Getting a Nap Pod?

Companies are all different and so are the perks they provide. If you are looking for a desirable and forward-thinking employee perk, and you're able to offer amenities and benefits that align well with what your employees want, then there should be no problem with offering a chance to take a nap during the workday as well.

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In today’s 24/7 workplace culture, the opportunity to take a mental break is much needed. If you have the budget, space and culture to support them, nap pods can be a great addition to your office.

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