Truss is an Award-Winning Way to Find Office Space Online

Truss wins "#1 Best Overall Real Estate Tech Site" by CRE // Tech. 

CRE//Tech - Best Overall Real Estate Tech Site - Truss

When we started looking for office space, we kicked it off the way practically everyone does, with an internet search. We quickly learned that there were many people ready to help us on their time, but there wasn’t a marketplace that let us to search on our own time, like in travel or shopping.

So we created a new way to find office space. We believe this complex business transaction should be as simple and transparent as possible. That means no confusing jargon, no surprises in pricing. Truss puts tenants in the driver’s seat. Our technology takes clients from search to signature faster than ever. Our expert team helps tenants negotiate and get the best deal. Truss empowers clients to make the best decisions for growing businesses.

And, now people are taking notice! We won this year’s “#1 Best Overall Real Estate Tech Site” at the Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) hosted by CRE // Tech. The goal of #RETAS is to honor innovative and forward-thinking companies and individuals who have played an integral role in advancing technology in the real estate industry throughout the year.  And that means something to us.