Why a Culture Consultancy Chose Coworking for Next Stage of Growth

Have Her Back uses Truss to secure flexible coworking space with private team office in Chicago’s Fulton Market District.

Have Her Back founding partners (left to right) Caroline Dettman, Erin Gallagher and Pamela Culpepper

Many global companies have recognized the fact that gender equity is not only the right thing to do ethically, it’s also good for business. Businesses with women throughout its ranks, including senior leadership, perform better:

“At the micro level, we continue to find a strong positive correlation between the representation of women in leadership roles and the financial performance of businesses,” stated Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner at McKinsey & Company, in a 2017 study by McKinsey & Company. 

However, the same study showed that women are not well-represented equitably in the workplace and that this imbalance is especially disproportionate in leadership roles.

Have Her Back is looking to change that. The Chicago-based women-owned culture consultancy works with brave companies to tackle gender equity and diversity differently. It’s led by three veteran marketers, creative and HR talents who have made it their mission to take companies from good intentions to internal action when it comes to advancing equity for women.

Since Have Her Back was founded in 2019, the firm has grown quickly. The founding partners realized that their office needs had changed. They were located in a communal coworking space and, although they liked many aspects of the location, it did not have the private offices that they required for their growing team. The team decided to search for another coworking provider that could meet all of their needs.

Starting the Search

Have Her Back began their search for coworking office space on Truss. The company was paired with local Truss broker Austin Zimmerman to help guide them through their search. Have Her Back wanted a private team office within a coworking location. They enjoyed the creative energy of coworking as well as the community amenities and flexible lease terms. They searched the Truss platform and found several options for coworking space that appealed to them. Austin met with Erin Gallagher, one of the founding partners, to discuss their requirements further.

"Most importantly, we wanted a coworking provider whose values aligned with ours at Have Her Back.”

“We had specific requirements for our first official Have Her Back office. We needed a dedicated, private space for the team at HQ and, with our extensive travel for clients and business development, we also needed access to office space while working out of other cities. Top of our list also included plenty of natural light, a vibrant neighborhood and safe, covered parking. Most importantly, we wanted a coworking provider whose values aligned with ours at Have Her Back,” said Erin.

Austin helped the company narrow down their options and organized tours of their favorite spaces. He included Industrious, a coworking provider with multiple locations in Chicago and other metros across the country.

Selecting the Space

Austin knew that Industrious had an ideal location in the popular Fulton Market neighborhood of Chicago’s West Loop. The Have Her Back founders toured the space and liked what it had to offer. The space met all of their needs and had plenty of amenities including a wellness room, fitness center and complimentary coffee, breakfast and snacks. What’s more, the founding team would have access to the nationwide network of Industrious locations for use when they traveled. With over 90 locations across more than 45 US cities, having the option to work in any Industrious space would be especially helpful with their busy travel schedules. 

Erin and the rest of her team were ready to move forward with the process. Austin managed the negotiations and lease signing on the Truss platform. He was able to swiftly negotiate a 12-month flexible agreement so that they were quickly operational in their new space.

"Austin helped us find a coworking space that can accommodate Have Her Back’s future growth and needs."

"Our new space is perfect for our current team, but it also offers great flexibility as we grow. Austin helped us find a coworking space that can accommodate Have Her Back’s future growth and needs," said Erin, "An added bonus is that it’s a few blocks from my two boys’ Montessori school and half a block from an immediate care center. The founding partners have six sons among us. Every career mom knows how our individual needs and health tend to fall to the bottom of the daily grind and priorities. We created Have Her Back because we don’t believe that life and work are separate. Our location allows us to take care of the full spectrum of our lives – work and personal – all within walking distance of our office.”

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