Truss is the Largest CRE Marketplace

Our brokers save you 19% on average on leases.

Laptop showing the Truss App - the best and only online marketplace for commercial office space

Our tenants - primarily startups and small to medium sized business owners - have shared information on where they want to be, their budgets and their short and long-term space requirements. These business owners have saved an average of 19 percent on leases through our online marketplace.

Working with a Truss Broker

Brokers are able to review prospective spaces and negotiate with landlords in economic and noneconomic terms. They know where the best deals are and can ensure you are seeing every possibility on the market. Brokers have the inside track on what’s important to the landlord and then can help you use that knowledge to your benefit. You don’t pay for a broker (free!) - they’re part of the deal and in the landlord’s cost - and they SAVE you money on your office or coworking space! 

Price Transparency on Truss

We are the only marketplace to offer full price transparency on every listing of office and coworking space. Small business owners save both time and money when finding their space on our platform: the largest two-sided marketplace in commercial real estate.  

We are the Largest CRE Marketplace

“Tenants and property owners have quickly realized Truss’ marketplace is where the deals are,” said Tom Smith, co-founder of Truss. “We know exactly where small business owners are looking for office space, down to the block and intersection. This includes office space size, growth projections and budget. This is something no one else has on every tenant opportunity.” 

We currently have more than 300 million square feet of commercial real estate space available and add more spaces continuously. Business owners can search, tour and lease office and coworking space on our platform.

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This post was updated on February 17, 2020.