How to Wow Tenants with Your Listings

A few updates to your listings can go a long way

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We built Truss to give tenants more autonomy in their search for office and coworking space. After completing a few onboarding questions, tenants get access to personalized listings to narrow their search, add to their shortlists and request tours from their brokers. It’s crucial to ensure that your portfolio is in the best position possible to stand out to tenants. 

There are few actions you can take to make your listings stand out:

Ensure That You've Provided Pricing

Truss is committed to price transparency, and we don’t show our tenants any listings without pricing. Up-to-date pricing also allows tenants to get a better understanding of the market and adjust their budgets accordingly. 

Send Us Regular Availability Updates

Our algorithm prioritizes spaces that have been recently updated, so regularly giving us the status of your portfolio means that your listings will have a better chance of showing up at the top of tenants' results.

Include a Floorplan

Floorplans allow tenants to easily visualize space layouts and assess how it fits their needs, which will ultimately limit the number of unnecessary tours. Our operations team also inputs interior configurations from floorplans into the Truss platform so that tenants can filter and sort in their search. If there is no interior configuration provided, tenants may be unable to see your space after filtering.

Invest in Interior Photos

Many tenants approach our platform only having leased or purchased residential real estate, where interior photos are expected. In fact, our tenants have expressed surprise when they find that not all of their listings have images. The numbers speak for themselves - we’ve found that tenants are four times more likely to shortlist and request a tour of an office listing with at least one interior photo.

Shoot Virtual Tours for Your Portfolio

At this juncture, a virtual tour is likely the only option for tenants and tenant-reps to see a space and move a deal forward. We’ve found that Truss tenants are 4.7 times more likely to shortlist and 6.4 times more likely to tour spaces that offer virtual tours. Read more about the benefits of virtual tours here.

How We Can Help 

Our team will maintain your portfolio and make updates as often as needed. All we need are your listing assets to upload to our platform, which we accept in any format. If you’re looking for a way to get visual assets for your space, we’re pleased to offer complimentary Matterport 3D virtual tour shoots for your entire portfolio, which include a tour, interior photos and a floorplan. We are also sharing these assets with you to use for your own marketing efforts, whether sharing directly with tenants or posting on your marketing website

Let’s Talk

Truss is here to help you make the most of your portfolio. For more information about how to boost your listing visibility, or to schedule 3D virtual tours for your portfolio, please reach out to the following:

 Bay Area: Kaleigh Graham,

Boston: Medina Krevans,

Chicago: Medina Krevans,

Los Angeles: Hannah Gunning,

Washington, D.C. Metro: Tommy Maday,