Everything You Need to Know About Touring an Office

How to make the most of your office search

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With hundreds of available offices for lease, finding the right spaces to tour in person can be a challenging task. Below, we explain the entire process, from how to know if a space is worth touring all the way to what you should do after your office tours.

How to Know if an Office is Worth Touring

To know if a space is worth touring, you’ll want to start by looking at your list of favorite spaces. If you don’t have a list of favorite spaces yet, you should create one based on factors such as location, layout and price. With Truss, to add a space to your favorites, select the heart on the listing.

As you look at each of your favorite spaces, see if the listing's space description, floorplan and photos provide you with enough information to cross it off your list or book a tour. Many of Truss’ listings also have virtual tours, which allow you to see a space without leaving your home. You may take a virtual tour of one of your favorites and discover that it doesn’t fit your needs, or that it’s worth seeing in person.

Your broker is an especially great resource for this part of the leasing process. They can help answer questions about specific buildings and spaces. You can set up a call or screen-share with them to run through and narrow down your options.

How Many Spaces Should I Have on My Tour List?

You’ll want to have no more than six on your list of spaces to tour. There are a couple of reasons for this. During the initial tour, your requirements may change so it’s better to start with a small set of options. For example, after seeing a 2,000 SF space, you may determine you actually need less space and can search for a smaller office. Additionally, spaces tend to blend together after too many tours in one day.

Scheduling a Tour

Once you and your broker have a list of spaces you’d like to see, you can use Truss to schedule a tour. It’s easier to see multiple spaces in one day if your schedule permits. That way you can easily compare your options.

How to Prepare for Your Tour

Touring an office allows you to get a sense of the space beyond what you’ve seen, read or heard. You’ll likely be on a tour with your broker, who represents you, and another representative, such as a landlord broker, who represents the space.

Before you start each tour, you and your broker may want to pull up the listing on your Truss app. That way you can jog your memory around what to expect and any questions you have about the space. Your broker will help you ask questions around terms, such as price flexibility or space modification constraints. 

You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes as you may be walking from building to building. You may also want to have either a notepad or phone to take notes on or pictures of the space. Please note that in light of COVID-19 all buildings now require masks to be worn when touring.

What to Look at on an Office Tour:

As you tour, there are a number of things you'll want to examine and ask about to make sure each space is right for your business.

  • The building: Is the building in good shape? Are the property owners taking the proper precautions to keep its tenants safe and healthy? Is it better suited for startups or corporate users?
  • General feel of the space: Is it a creative loft space or traditional glass and steel? Does the office have the ambiance you’re looking for? 
  • Space layout and configuration: Does the space have the layout you’re looking for, or will you be able to build the space out to your requirements? 
  • Electrical needs: How many outlets does the office have? Is the space well-lit?
  • HVAC: Does heat or air conditioning distribute evenly in your space? Who controls the temperature?
  • Internet connectivity: What internet speed does your company need? Will the building be able to provide that connectivity?
  • Signage: What does the process look like for getting signage and directory listings in the building? Are you able to get signage outside of the building?
  • ADA compliance: Does your team have any significant accessibility needs? Do the building and space comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act? 

What Happens Post-Tour

After you finish touring, you should have a better sense of what you’re looking for in an office. Your broker can help you assess your options. You may find that you need to redefine your search and find other spaces to tour, or you may have found one or more viable options. Your broker will then request a proposal from those spaces based on your start date and other lease terms such as build-out needs. From there your broker will be able to help you select a space, define lease terms and negotiate.

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to leasing the perfect space for your business!

Looking for a New Office?

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