Price Transparency From Our Point Of View

How We Make the Search For Office Space Straightforward

For anyone looking to invest in a new purchase, whether it’s booking a vacation or making a down payment on a new house, it’s important to not only set a budget before starting the hunt, but sticking to it throughout the process. The same is true as you look for your next office space for your small business or retail space for your boutique, restaurant or coffee shop.  With Truss, we make this as easy and straightforward as possible for you during the search process.

We’ve heard countless small to medium sized business owners tell us that one of the main challenges in finding the right space was understanding the different prices. Put simply, there were just too many variables and it felt like comparing apples to oranges. We’ve done our best to fix that. 

The following is a breakdown on how we show you prices on our platform. 

Office Space:

Our technology itemizes the following so you can compare spaces without making your own spreadsheet or having to check multiple websites and listings.

  • Monthly rent
  • Taxes
  • Utilities such as heating, air conditioning and electricity
  • Amenities such as in-suite janitorial services


Price transparency tends to be complicated in retail - and for the most part, it just doesn’t exist. In order to get a breakdown of a rental price, you would have to become a qualified tenant and meet with a broker in person - which is time consuming and complicated.

We’re the only platform that gives you, the retail owner, access to these statistics for retail properties where you’re looking. By answering a few questions about the space you are looking for and pinpointing a few locations, our artificial intelligence returns results so you can view the prices - and the process just takes two minutes. And as you know as a retail owner, location is everything - so it’s important to have this information on hand.  

Looking at retail properties on our technology itemizes the following - and like office space - allows you to compare spaces without a spreadsheet.

  • Monthly rent
  • Taxes
  • Operating Expenses - we also note which utilities are included or not in the operating expenses. We do not assign a dollar value to them because they vary so much depending on the use. I.E. - a full service restaurant vs. a juice bar. 

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