Chicago-based Recruitment Firm Uses Truss to Find New Office Space for Their Growing Team

Truss brokers know the market and are experts at helping entrepreneurs negotiate lease terms. 

Vetted Placements Team - Truss

If you're an entrepreneur looking for new space for your team, you may find yourself lost in a sea of options. Is coworking best? And if so, which coworking works best for your team? Would traditional office space be more appropriate? What would that layout look like? Like most decisions in life, every option has advantages and disadvantages. My fellow Truss brokers and I are here to help you narrow your search, and lease the perfect space for your business.

Recently, we successfully helped a growing firm in Chicago navigate the decisions to find office space to accommodate their growing team. Vetted Placements is a full-service recruiting firm focused on connecting high-growth companies with the best talent and providing them with an ecosystem for success. They initially found a great coworking home in a Chicago WeWork coworking location and were happy with the community and culture there. 

"Coworking spaces are a nice option for us at this point as it offers great flexibility. Not only does it help with growth, it takes the hassle and admin stress out of setting up and running an office. It allows my team to focus on growing our business and serving our clients’ needs,” said Michael Grace, founder and CEO of Vetted Placements.  

Choosing Coworking

Vetted Placements was bursting at the seams in their WeWork location and needed to move quickly. I knew that Vetted Placements really benefited from leasing an office in a coworking location. They also preferred the WeWork community based on their experience with amenities and networking opportunities. In only a few weeks, I found them another WeWork coworking space in a different building with more space for a lower price then they were currently paying. More space for less - this is what we call a win-win when renting an office space! 

“Working with a Truss broker helped us save both time and money, something that’s essential for our growing company."

You don’t have to take my word for it. When I asked Vetted Placements’ COO, Jessica Wu, about their experience, she stated “Working with a Truss broker helped us save both time and money, something that’s essential for our growing company. Nicole helped us navigate decisions such as the location and lease terms, all while keeping us in the WeWork network where we wanted to be.”

At Truss, we know that having the right space to do your work is critical to productivity and success. Whether it’s finding a space that comes with built-in networking opportunities, or location that has studio space for photoshoots, there is no requirement too out-of-the-box for us.

We are excited to help you find the perfect office space or coworking space for your business. Our local brokers to help make the leasing process easier. Start your search with Truss today.