How a Small Business Found a Quiet & Convenient Coworking Space in Central DC

Truss helps Raw Athletics select new coworking provider for next move in Washington, DC.

Raw Athletics Co-Founders: Eric Steinberg and Stephen Steinberg

The Washington, DC office market has long been the home of lobbyists and government workers. What many do not know is there are many small businesses there, some of which are involved with the Federal Government and some that are not. What they all have in common is that they are vying for some of the same office spaces.

One company, Raw Athletics, has been headquartered in Washington, DC for the last seven years. The business develops and sells a line of cleaning products that deodorizes and disinfects sports pads, gym equipment and fitness apparel called Vapor Fresh. Their Vapor Fresh products are specifically geared towards people who lead active lifestyles and formulated with naturally-derived and eco-friendly ingredients, which has made them quite popular with athletes, gyms and sports teams across the country.

Starting the Search for a New Coworking Space

Last December, the Founder of the company, Stephen Steinberg, decided that the coworking space they had been occupying since they opened for business was no longer meeting the company’s needs. Stephen signed up with Truss and was connected to Truss senior broker, Cam Kostyack, to help relocate the company.  He needed to move his team within the next month, so the need to find a space was immediate.

Raw Athletics required more space in a quiet, professional setting. Their current coworking location was getting too crowded and noise was becoming an issue. Stephen wanted a well-designed coworking space that offered ample amenities and was located near public transit.

Selecting the Space

After signing up with Truss, Stephen was able to browse space options virtually and create a list of his favorite spaces. By having a clear understanding of what the company was looking for, Cam was able to help narrow down the list of options quickly. Cam suggested Spaces, an exceptional coworking provider with a location a block away from Thomas Circle. The office building had recently gone through a $38 million renovation. Spaces Thomas Circle offered many special features and amenities:

  • Access to rooftop space with skyline views
  • Lots of natural light
  • Lounge area with coffee bar
  • Access to brand new gym with Peloton bikes
  • Showers and towel service
  • Free bike rentals
  • Special event space

“The space is perfect. We have a dedicated office space with plenty of room to handle our growth, access to the building’s amenities and it’s an easy commute for our entire team."

What’s more, the building is located minutes away from two Metro Red Line stations. This was important because some of the team commutes by train to work. After touring the coworking space, Stephen knew it would be a great fit for his business.

“The space is perfect. We have a dedicated office space with plenty of room to handle our growth, access to the building’s amenities and it’s an easy commute for our entire team,” said Stephen.

Cam went to work negotiating with Spaces. It was a smooth process that took less than two weeks to finalize. He also secured a free month’s rent for the company to help offset the costs of moving.

“Everyone involved in the transaction was easy to work with and eager to make it happen. This is a superb space at a great location,” said Cam.

Raw Athletics moved into the space in January and the entire team is delighted with it.

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