How a Transportation Tech Company Found Their Central Headquarters

Truss helps Trucker Tools find an office space that matches their rapid growth in the Washington DC Metro.

Trucker Tools uses Truss to find central headquarters

Every modern business needs to have strong connectivity to effectively communicate with customers, clients and employees. A unified team is essential to most companies, but the nature of rapid business growth can be disruptive. The office is often the first to be impacted — creating a cramped and inefficient workplace as the team grows. Business owners may be forced to divide their workforce in different locations when space is limited, but this fragmentation can take a toll on company culture and strategic goals. This was a situation that our client Trucker Tools knew all too well.

Trucker Tools is a shipping logistics company that uses smart technology to provide load visibility, predictive freight matching, and trip planning solutions for the transportation industry. Their platform, Smart Capacity, gives brokers accurate, real-time data optimally matching freight with trucks and allowing them to track loads from beginning to end. Efficient connectivity is what they do best. So when they noticed their own employees were becoming a bit disconnected due to office space challenges, they began the search for a solution.

Starting the Search for Office Space

Trucker Tools was growing fast and kept finding themselves in the position of needing to move or lease more coworking and executive spaces every few months. This was time-consuming and simply not sustainable. The company was set on finding a headquarters office that would house all of their team. After our initial meeting, we began to discover what was most important to them in a functional office space. Having experienced so many office growing pains, they were very particular about what they wanted. Using the Truss platform, we worked closely together to find the best options that met their preferences and needs. 

“Truss is the real deal. We were looking for a very specific type of space and very specific lease terms, and Tom stayed on top of the task every step of the way.”

Finding a Flexible Office Option

Ultimately, we were able to find them the perfect space; a fully-furnished, traditional office space. We were even able to negotiate a short term lease for them to maintain flexibility. Although short term lease contracts are gaining popularity in the Washington, DC Metro market, they can still be hard to come by for these types of spaces. So while it took longer to find a space with this option, their patience paid off. 

The end result achieved the goal they were seeking; streamlining their team into one office space. Once we found the space they were moved in within 60 days. We’re confident this new, central headquarters will provide increased connectivity and will lead to more personal relationships, happier workers, and higher productivity. When asked about his experience working with us, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools, Prasad Gollapalli, said “Truss is the real deal. We were looking for a very specific type of space and very specific lease terms, and Tom stayed on top of the task every step of the way.”

Office space is a powerful piece of the puzzle when building a business. At Truss, we pride ourselves on listening to our clients and their needs — and not pushing them into a space that might not fit their business requirements. Our top priority is always finding a space and lease terms that work best for the client.

Truss brokers are here to help sort through the options and find your team the office space that will lead to the highest levels of productivity and take your business to the next level. Start your search with Truss today.