Using Personalization to Enhance the Tenant Experience

How to use personalization to get the most out of TrussCRE

desktop computer with TrussCRE platform on screen

Personalization is more important now than ever before. A Salesforce survey indicated that consumers are more than 2X more likely to view personalized content as important versus seeing non-personalized content as not important. Additionally, consumers expect personalized targeted business development/marketing efforts, speaking to their specific needs. A Redpoint Global survey found over 63% of customers expect personalization as a standard of service. Customers want you to know what their needs are and to service those needs, without them having to ask or tell you. In fact, a SmarterHQ survey indicated that 72% of users say they will only engage with content that is customized to their specific interests.

TrussCRE is designed to help brokers have high-quality client interactions, and can help you provide the customization that clients want.

See how each of the TrussCRE features below can help you personalize customer experiences:

Market Explore

TrussCRE market explore screenshot

View details of each space when you’re searching, finding listings that match your clients’ needs

Use our filters to find listings, explore market inventory and create a curated shortlist with your recommendations.

Projects and Market Survey

TrussCRE project screenshot

Send your clients a polished digital interface of the spaces that you’ve added to their shortlist

Send a a customized market survey to your client through the TrussCRE platform and leave notes on the spaces added about your thought process.

Interactive Platform

TrussCRE interactive platform screenshot

Allow your clients to add favorites of their own as they browse and access their customized search

Empower and engage your clients by letting them see the entire marketplace of listings that match their search criteria.

Personalization is a crucial aspect of today’s customer experience landscape. To find out more about how TrussCRE can support your personalization efforts, reach out to us at or click here to visit the TrussCRE platform.