How a Government Relations Firm Found the Perfect Look & Location for New Office Space

TwinLogic Strategies uses Truss to secure upscale office space in Washington, DC.

Intersection street signs of K Street and 15 Street in Washington, DC.

There are many lobbyist firms in Washington, DC. They represent groups, governments and other parties interested in making a mark on legislation. Through their efforts, they make lawmakers aware of issues that they may not have considered as a piece of legislation moves through the legislative process. Lobbyists give people and organizations a voice, and the influence good firms have is incalculable. For professional services that are client-facing, the building and space they occupy is part of their brand. For government relations firms in Washington, DC, conveying a sense of success, sophistication and quality is very important.

TwinLogic Strategies is a woman-owned boutique government relations firm in Washington, DC that has been in business for ten years. The firm provides bipartisan government relations services in over 20 policy areas. The firm is comprised of experienced former senior Congressional staffers and Fortune 100 government relations executives. TwinLogic Strategies counts many of America’s top companies, startups and trade associations as its clients and is considered one of the top boutique lobbying firms in Washington, DC.

Starting the Search for Office Space

In November of 2019, TwinLogic Strategies was in a sublease space, which they wanted to lease as direct space from the building’s landlord. Unfortunately, another tenant adjacent to the firm had an option to expand in their lease agreement and needed a portion of the TwinLogic Strategies space. Co-founder and CEO, Elizabeth Frazee, used the Truss platform to search for office space, and she was united with Tom Fuge, Truss senior regional vice president and Washington, DC Metro tenant rep broker. 

“We used the Favorite List to view and compare prices, which made the search much easier. The platform plus Tom’s market knowledge helped us to quickly locate our space.”

Selecting a Sophisticated Space

TwinLogic Strategies required easy access to Capitol Hill in a high-quality building. Since there wasn’t a great deal of office space available on Capitol Hill, Tom presented several options in the Central Business District. Tom quickly located a suitable direct office space option in a Class A building located on K Street. It features a sleek reception area, kitchen, soft seating, a lounge area for informal meetings and creative brainstorming, and a dazzling rooftop deck. Tom facilitated the lease review process; Elizabeth signed a 5-year lease and the firm moved into the space days later.    

“We are a firm with expertise in tech policy, so it was natural that I was interested in using technology solutions to aid our real estate search. We were impressed with the transparency and efficiency of the Truss platform,” said Elizabeth, “We used the Favorite List to view and compare prices, which made the search much easier. The platform plus Tom’s market knowledge helped us to quickly locate our space.”

TwinLogic Strategies is delighted with the building and its location. Since they also use the space for meeting with their clients, the high-quality design and location works very well with their business model and brand.

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