Why CRE Needs to Embrace Virtual Tours

Virtual tours represent both immediate and long-term value adds for the industry

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Commercial Real Estate thrives on face-to-face interaction and in-person sales. With shelter-in-place and social distancing as the new normal, the industry faces significant obstacles. This time is also an opportunity for CRE to coalesce around technology. Having a digital portfolio complete with 3D Virtual Tours is valuable not only in this current situation but will lead to more efficient transactions long after shelter-in-place ends.

Benefits of Virtual Tours

Virtual tours represent both immediate and long-term value adds in building a digital portfolio and marketing listings. Assets from tours shot through Truss include a link to the virtual tour itself and floorplans. These reusable assets can easily be distributed to clients or for posting on the owner’s website for marketing purposes. 

At this juncture, a virtual tour is likely the only option for tenants and tenant-reps to see a space and move a deal forward. Yet the benefits of virtual tours extend beyond shelter-in-place. Tenants who see spaces beforehand are able to narrow their search and only visit spaces that meet their requirements. It’s a win-win for tenants and listing agents - no more wasting time with tenants who aren’t a match.

What We're Seeing with Virtual Tours at Truss

This exact scenario was the case for Truss Client Public Rec, a modern leisurewear brand based in Chicago. After using virtual tours, Public Rec ended up touring only three spaces and leased one of those spaces. “The online 3D tours saved us time, and we quickly found an amazing space at a great price," said Zach Goldstein, Public Rec CEO. 

Virtual tours don’t just help tenants narrow their search and move through the leasing process more quickly. They’re powerful marketing tools for listings. We’ve found that Truss tenants are 4.7 times more likely to shortlist and 6.4 times more likely to tour spaces that offer virtual tours.

Interested in Shooting Virtual Tours for Your Portfolio?

Truss wants to help. We are happy to shoot these tours for free, and will even send you a link to the tour to share. Reach out to our market leads to schedule your shoots today.