What Makes a Space "Favorite Worthy"?

How to create your shortlist of favorites with Truss.

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There are thousands of office and coworking listings to choose from on Truss. While Truss provides personalized listings that match your requirements, you'll want to narrow your search even further by creating a shortlist of favorites. This shortlist will help you determine which spaces to tour, and ultimately, which space your team will lease.

So, what makes a space "favorite worthy"? Here are a few tips for narrowing your search, picking favorites, and getting even closer to leasing the perfect space for your team.

The Big Question: Does it Meet My Company’s Needs?

The first thing you need to consider when looking at any office space is whether or not it meets your company’s core needs. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Does the space easily allow you to meet your business goals?
  • Is it in close proximity to your clients and business service needs?
  • Does the space fit into your budget?

Truss automatically filters spaces by requirements you enter during the onboarding process, such as budget and location. Once you have your personalized listings, your shortlist of favorite spaces should reflect what you really want in a space.

Favorites Match Your Preferences

You’re going to spend a lot of time in your new office, so you should make sure your team will like the space too. Here are three things to consider when narrowing your search and creating your list of favorites.

  • Location: Not only will you want to consider if the space is close to clients and business services, but you'll want to think about employee commutes, nearby dining and entertainment options, walkability and parking.
  • Layout: Are there enough private offices for your team members that need them? Are there enough meeting rooms? It's important to note that if budget allows, you can also customize a space to fit your layout preferences with a buildout. If you do have the budget for a buildout, be sure to add spaces with the potential to your shortlist as well.
  • Building: You may have a particular space style in mind, such as loft or more corporate, so you'll want to look at the building and see if it matches your preferences. You may also be looking for certain building amenities for your employees, such as a fitness center or parking garage, so researching the address of an office listing is important.

With these three considerations, you can favorite spaces that match your true office needs and get touring!

Space You Can Grow Into

It's not always possible to know ahead of time, but if you're a fast-growing startup or business, you may also want to explore offices or coworking spaces that give you extra space for growth. If you can lease space to grow into, you won't have to scramble to find a new office as quickly. Thinking about your future growth can be just as important as your current office space needs. Truss brokers can help you plan for your future space needs and make recommendations for more flexible space options.

Your Favorites, Tours and Your Broker

Once you've got a solid list of favorites, it's time to talk to your Truss broker. They can help you decide which spaces to tour and suggest additional options that match your needs and preferences. They'll take you on tours, help you narrow your preferences even more and even help you negotiate the lease.

If you haven’t already, start your search today and find your favorite spaces with Truss.