When A Dog-Friendly Workplace is Your Priority, We Find a Way

Truss helps PetPocketbook lease the perfect dog-friendly workplace in Boston.

Cute White Dog in a Dog Friendly Office Space

Health and wellness continues to be a priority when it comes to creating a workplace that values work-life balance. Let’s face it, we all are more productive and fun to be around when we feel good on the inside. This philosophy of creating a work environment that nurtures positivity and collaboration not only benefits the employee, but also the employer. One effective way to implement such positive results is by allowing dogs in the workplace.

And don’t just take our word for it - research is clear. Having an office dog, or allowing employees to bring their dogs to work, has been proven to have calming effects, reduce blood pressure, lower stress and make employees more cordial and productive. Employers and employees are discovering that having dogs at work creates a happier environment with lower stress levels, and creates a comfortable, flexible environment.

The many benefits of dogs in the workplace were crystal-clear and a top priority for our client, PetPocketbook. Their entire business model is centered on simplifying life for pet lovers. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, PetPocketbook’s technology makes it possible for pet care businesses, such as dog walking, sitting, training, etc., to manage their operations more efficiently. They offer streamlined scheduling, simplified client management, automated billing and payments and even real-time analytics to view how the pet care business is doing.

The team at PetPocketbook has grown up with dogs their entire lives, and they were committed to finding a workplace for their growing team that catered to humans and four-legged friends alike. Although science was on their side in terms of the benefits of dogs in the workplace, they found it challenging to find office space in Boston that shared their values. Enter Truss!

PetPocketbook entered the following requirements:

  • Dog-friendly workplace
  • Space for 6-10 employees
  • Location in the heart of downtown Boston
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Close proximity to public transit

With the help of our technology and my local knowledge of the market, I was able to find PetPocketbook the perfect pet-friendly space that fit their needs in a matter of weeks.

Diana Akelman, founder and CEO of PetPocketbook, loved her experience using the Truss marketplace noting that, “Truss went above and beyond to find the perfect coworking space for our team, even finalizing the terms of the lease over a holiday weekend because we needed to move quickly. We’re so happy to find that perfect office space in Boston that welcomed dogs at work.”

At Truss, we know that having the right space to do your work is critical to productivity and success. Whether it’s finding a space that welcomes dogs in the workplace or finding a space that has flexible lab space for your scientific research, there is no requirement too out-of-the-box for us.