Why Searching For Office Space on Truss is Different

Small business owners can save time and money on the search for their next office

Small businesses and startups wear a lot of hats, so we know there isn’t a lot of time to really dig into the details of anything, let alone finding your next office. That’s why we made it easy for you to search office space, like you would for anything else on the internet. Here’s how that’s different for commercial real estate: 

We have 100 MILLION SQUARE FEET of listings available, so when we search, we really tackle the whole market.

Vera, our AI bot asks a few questions and can narrow the options to show only the listings that meet your needs and budget.

When we say budget, we mean the whole thing. We only list spaces with all-in pricing, which includes monthly rent, utilities, taxes and operating expenses like lobby security. So you’re really able to compare to other listings apples-to-apples.

Saving money on Truss is for real. Like all commercial real estate brokers, we receive a commission from the landlord when the lease is signed. And we share the commission back with you! Sort of like finding a $100 bill in last year’s winter coat pocket.
And when we say tour, we don’t mean we’ll pick you up. No offense, but we figured you’d be busy so we integrated 3D virtual tours. So you can tour from your desk, coffee shop, or in the Lyft on the way to your next meeting. And you can show your coworkers, who will love to get a sneak peak of their new digs.

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