Why We’re Giving Anyone Who Signs a Lease with Truss a Big Part of Our Commission

Sign Your Lease With Truss and You'll Get 30% Cash Back. It's That Simple.

My co-founders and I started Truss to make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to find and lease office and retail spaces. With our combined mix of commercial real estate and startup experience, we knew how incredibly complex this whole process can be. It’s especially stressful for young and growing companies. We wanted to change that.

Our platform makes it easy to see what’s on the market, compare costs and lease terms, narrow your options and lock in a lease. We focus exclusively in office and retail space under 10,000 square feet. We’re trying to make the process as seamless and easy as possible for companies with less than 50 employees – often times the companies have 8-15 people, and sometimes upwards of 100 people. One way we’re doing that is through shared commission.

In simple and straightforward terms, we are paid a commission by the landlord when a lease is signed (like all commercial real estate brokers). And, we share the commission back with you! It’s a 30% rebate in cold, hard cash. When you compare spaces on Truss, you’ll see the exact dollar amount you’d get back after signing a lease on any given space.

The dollar amount of the rebate varies depending on the space, but it’s always 30% of our commission from the landlord once you sign the lease. The longer the terms of your lease, the larger the rebate you get. Anyone who finds space through us gets a rebate once their lease is signed and they move in.


Why we can share commission

We’ve worked hard to build a robust, transparent and efficient platform, saving time and money in the process. Truss consolidates need-to-know information about each property in a single place, greatly reducing the amount of back-and-forth and saving time. Plus you can take a virtual 3D tour through different office spaces without leaving the comfort of your home or current office.  You can also set up tours, digitally sign your lease and learn more about the simple process on our website here. Our friendly chatbot, Vera, is enabled with artificial intelligence that will help you every step of the way.

Our platform makes it easier for our own team to work smarter and faster. Our technology means less heavy lifting for our in-house brokers. We can help more clients find office space, and give a far more personal experience to each one. We’ve reduced the traditional overhead involved in end-to-end process. That’s why we’re able to share 30% of what we make with all our clients.

Setting our clients up for success is important us. We’re startup founders ourselves. We know how challenging it can be to get a growing business off the ground. So if some extra cash in your pocket would help you do that, get started and sign up.

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