Why You Should Rent Your Office Space with Truss

Truss is the only commercial real estate platform for tenants using 3D virtual tours.

Kitchen space in a modern open concept office space ready for lease and move in

The search for office space can be stressful for small business owners. On top of responsibilities that come with managing a business, the additional time needed to find the right space can be frustrating and an overall annoying process.

But we can help - and it doesn’t have to feel quite so painful. We’re continuing to grow our office space offerings in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, connecting with small and medium-sized business owners to their ideal office spaces.

With Truss, we are sure to make your search easy, convenient and of course: Quick! Our data-driven, artificial technology shortens the search process, which saves time on our end and yours.

How does it work? Our artificial intelligence bot, Vera, helps users identify their preferences in office space, layouts, location and price. Vera uses an algorithm that then presents a list of options to mainstream the process. You can also see virtual tour examples, which cuts the touring process time in half. Truss is the first commercial real estate company to do this for tenants - as opposed to the landlords that own the space.

Here’s a video of an office space in Chicago: Check out those views of the Chicago River right off of Michigan Avenue.

Another office space in Chicago in the famous Willis Tower.

Need any more convincing? BisNow covered our launch in Washington, DC and how the city’s top landlords immediately jumped on the Truss bandwagon. Built in Chicago included in their list of 50 Chicago Startups to Watch in 2018.

Small business owners: what are you waiting for?

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This post was updated on February 17, 2020/