Truss Year In Review 2018

It’s been a busy year for our team here at Truss! Here's everything we accomplished in 2018.

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We launched in new markets, expanded into retail and industrial and picked up a few awards along the way. We also took some time for team building. Here's everything we accomplished in 2018.

Market Launches and Expansion

  1. Austin Office & Coworking - Feb. 2018. We added office and coworking in Austin, our third Texas city in addition to Dallas and Houston.
  2. Washington, D.C. Office & Coworking - Feb. 2018. We launched in our nation’s capital with over 26 million square feet of office and coworking space.
  3. Chicago Retail - April 2018. We added retail offerings in Chicago with over 7 million square feet downtown.
  4. Washington, D.C. Retail & NoVa Office & Coworking - May 2018. We launched retail space in Washington, D.C. along with office and coworking space in Northern Virginia.
  5. Houston Retail - June 2018. We launched in Houston retail with more than 5 million square feet of retail space.
  6. Chicago & Dallas Industrial - June 2018. The first cities on our platform to offer industrial space: 45 million square feet between the two cities.
  7. Miami Office & Coworking - July 2018. In addition to Downtown Miami, we launched office and coworking space in cities like Boca Raton, Brickell and other South Florida markets.
  8. Maryland Office & Coworking - Aug. 2018. We launched office space in Maryland as a cost efficient alternative to Washington, D.C.
  9. Houston Industrial - Aug. 2018. After launching in Houston industrial, Truss provided small business owners with over 16 million square feet of industrial space in Houston, which brought our searchable total to over 275 million square feet.
  10. San Antonio Office & Coworking & Dallas Retail- Aug. 2018. A big milestone! New office and retail spaces in major Texas cities helped us hit 300 million square feet of space on our platform.
  11. Boston Office & Coworking - Sept. 2018. Heading into Beantown, we launched more than 600 office spaces and 15 coworking spaces throughout Boston including popular areas for tech-focused companies.
  12. Austin Retail and Industrial - Oct. 2018. Expanding into retail and industrial space rounded out the Austin market.
  13. Maryland Retail - Nov. 2018. Maryland is a much more cost effective area for retail space compared to its D.C. neighbors. We launched retail with 1.65 million square feet in more than 400 spaces.
  14. Fort Worth Office - Nov. 2018. Fort Worth is one of the top five fastest growing cities in America - which made it a perfect city for us to expand to in the Lone Star state.
  15. San Antonio Retail & Industrial  -  Dec. 2018. San Antonio was recently named the ninth fastest growing boom town in America by Magnify Money and we hit the ground running, launching more than 3 million square feet of retail and industrial space.

Team Building

Boat tour in Chicago - May 2018. We brought together employees from Chicago, D.C., Houston, Dallas and Austin to the windy city for bonding, brainstorming, and fun. We even took a ride on Chicago’s famous Architectural Boat Tour.

Dallas retreat - Oct. 2018. We had a blast getting our growing team together in Dallas for a few days of learning and team building! Our newly expanded group enjoyed a mechanical bull, a color war and even square dancing.

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Events & Appearances

In 2018 we took our brand on the road to the press and CRE and small business events around the country. Some highlights included:

ICSCRECon Vegas- May 2018. ICSC - or the international council for shopping centers - serves the global retail estate industry. They provide 70,000 members worldwide with resources, connections and industry insights.

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NBC Nightly News - July 2018. One of our co-founders, Andy Bokor, talked with Tom Costello about our growth plans and what's next for Truss. Check out the segment here.

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ICSCNYDM in NYC - December 2018. We showcased at the International Council of Shopping Centre’s #ICSCNYDMs in the Big Apple.

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Disruptor Awards - March 2018. Our very own Co-Founder, Bobby Goodman, was named DisruptorDaily’s Future of Real Estate Awards. Disruptor Daily’s mission is to help founders, executives, and investors keep a pulse on the latest innovations, trends, and companies shaping the future.

Chicago Innovation Awards - Oct. 2018. We were been named a winner at the 17th annual Chicago Innovation Awards. The Chicago Innovation Awards is the Chicago region’s foremost recognition of the most innovative new products or services brought to market each year.  

RETA Awards - December 2018. We were ecstatic to win two awards at RETAs including ones in the Listing Marketplace and Tech-Enhanced Brokerage categories. The #RETAS are the most prestigious awards for tech startups and founders and CRETech has used the #RETAS to recognize the most innovative and cutting edge companies for the past five years.

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It was a busy year and we’re still trying to catch our breath! We are grateful for your support throughout the year and can't wait to see where 2019 takes us.

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