Everything You Need to Handle Your Office Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of the largest expenses a company faces, and if your whole team is working from home, you may be wondering what to do about your lease. You’re not alone.

We built this page to house all resources related to COVID-19 and your lease. Be sure to check back as we continue to add information.


Book Time to Talk with Our Brokers about Your Current Lease Options

Our brokers are here to help you navigate your leasing situation free of charge, no matter what your concern is. If your business is located in one of our cities, see below to book time with one of our brokers to talk about your leasing situation. They can help you understand your current lease terms, figure out how much and what type of rent relief to ask for, and how to make your case. We’re happy to provide this service free of charge for all – Truss users or not.

What office-leasing related questions do you want us to address?

Send them our way (support@truss.co) and we’ll do our best to get information out there.