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So you’re looking for new space for your commercial real estate lease! Truss has plenty of options for retail storefronts, office space and industrial warehouses. Small business owners, check out a few of the stats on our commercial real estate listings in Houston.

On Truss, there is more than

38 Million

square feet of

office space

for lease available in Houston, and

6,000+ Spaces
& 30 Coworking Locations

to choose from. Spaces range from 100 square feet for one person, average 3,000 square feet for about 15 people and go up to 10,000 square feet for more than 50 people.

$345 - $3,600/mo

is average monthly rent for 235 square feet for one person to 2,000 square feet for about 10 people for Houston office space on Truss.

We are the only company with price transparency for business owners, which means we show ALL-IN PRICING, including rent, utilities, taxes and amenities.

We search 

13 Million

square feet of


in Houston, and more than

2,300 Spaces

to choose from, ranging from 250 square feet to a booming 10,000 square feet.  

Average cost for 1,500 square feet on Truss is around


Truss Shows All-in Pricing

Dramatic changes in retail commercial real estate have impacted everyone from small business owners to big box retailers. Price transparency and the importance of location have never been more in demand. Truss’ technology allows you to place pins on where you want to be located, rather than relying on a broker in traditional commercial real estate lease. Answer a few questions and we’ll search the whole market to show you personalized listings that meet your criteria. 

We search 

20 Million

square feet of

Industrial Space

for lease available in Houston, and more than

750+ Spaces

to choose from, ranging from 250 square feet to a 50,000 square feet sprawling warehouse.

For an average of 4,000 square feet warehouse, monthly all in rent aside from utilities is about


Truss Shows All-in Pricing

Leasing your industrial space is all about location and proximity to key logistics hubs like rail yards, airports, seaports and highways to enable quick turnaround and delivery times. 

Working with Truss allows you to search near your desired logistics hub, easily compare building specifications like loading docks or power levels, and tour the space virtually.  If you are interested in purchasing industrial space, Truss also has that option.

Show me the money: How much does it cost? 

Truss uses average square footage with ALL-IN PRICING. That means, rent, utilities, taxes and amenities – are included in office space monthly rent prices.  Industrial and Retail pricing is similarly organized to itemize different costs. In fact, Truss the only company to provide full price transparency to business owners seeking commercial real estate space. 

Office space is organized by budget, typical and premium buildings to search among, so you can find something move in ready or get a great deal on a fixer-upper to make your own.  Compare that to a standard commercial real estate lease where you often see monthly rent, and only find out additional costs later. 

Regardless of the monthly rent, Truss shares the commission from the landlord with you when you lease the space. You read that right. WE pay YOU when you lease from our platform. So you can save up for that beer tap, new game room or trendy standing desks. 

Why lease space through Truss


Compare & Save

Lease Confidently


Drop pinpoints where you want to locate, answer a few questions and see search results in two minutes flat

Compare & Save

Save favorites, compare them with all-in pricing and tour in person or virtually

Lease Confidently

Truss real estate experts not only help negotiate the best deal, but we share the commission we receive from the landlord with you.

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