List your space. We’ll help lease it.

Have an office property ready to lease? List it on Truss, and we’ll get your space in front of ready-to-move tenants. Our expert team of licensed tenant rep brokers guides them through to lease signing.

Get tenants into your small leases and subleases

Manage your own listings for free

Receive only qualified, verified tenants

Know who’s interested and what they think

Manage your own listings for free

Manage your own properties. Make real-time updates from any device. Create or delete listings, update pricing and add photos.

Receive only qualified, verified tenants

We vet all tenants before they contact you. We field all their questions, freeing up precious landlord and broker time.

Know who’s interested and what they think

We notify you when tenants are looking at your spaces. We also collect detailed feedback after each tour, so you know what prospects think.

Why landlords and tenant rep brokers love Truss

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Faster time to lease

We guide tenants through the process so you don’t have to. Our fastest lease so far? 5 days.

Transparency for tenants

More data and background give tenants the confidence to decide on their new space quickly.

All in one place

Manage all your listings and transactions on Truss. You can even use your own lease documents.

All on the same page

No more emails flying back and forth. All communication and documentation happens through our platform.

Don’t love dealing with small-tenant subleases? We do.

Truss is an end-to-end leasing platform for small tenants. We’re also a licensed tenant rep broker. We rebate 50% of our fee to the sublandlord—that means the landlord gets 25% and you get 25%.

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No money out of pocket

It’s always free to list your subleases on Truss, so there’s no cost to using our platform to attract tenants.

Focus on your bigger deals

We handle the back-and-forth with tenants inquiring about these spaces, freeing up your time.

Stay in the loop

Our platform makes it easy to keep tabs on what’s happening with your subleases.

Transparency for Tenants

List these properties for sublease on Truss

Office Subleases

Office Subleases

under 10,000 square feet

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Put us to work on your small leases and subleases. List free on Truss.

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